Autopark Rear Measurements on abort/completion
Fisheye camera initialization failed
Autopark space is found but prerequisites are not met, unmet prerequisites are flagged in payload
Messages from Steering Column Control Module (SCCM) ecu are missing on vehicle bus
One or more SCCM messages on vehicle bus are missing
AP starts receiving SCCM messages again
Driver Accel Pedal Override on autopilot
Driver overrides Adaptive cruise control (ACC) with accel pedal for at least 10 seconds
After user stops overriding or ACC is disabled
Braking will not be applied if override is detected
Messages from VCLEFT ecu are missing on party bus
One or more VCLEFT messages on party bus are missing
AP starts receiving VCLEFT messages again
Main camera initialization failed
SC_STATUS message is not received by Autopilot
AP starts receiving SC messages at periodic rate
Some autopilot features like Autopark are not available
Correctable/uncorrectable errors are non-zero
After 1 second if errors are zero
None as the feature is not enabled in production

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