One of the AP power rails is not at the desired voltage level
APS detects that voltage level of a power rail is beyond of nominal range
Clears when the voltage level reaches the expected value
Some parts of the AP board may not be powered up fully
Radar sensor health goes back to nominal
APS does not receive one or more msgs from ESP for more than 10 cycles
Clears when ESP msgs are received again
Features that depend on ESP msgs will be disabled
APS detects that CAN msg counter, length, checksum etc are not as expected
Clears there is no error in CAN msg reception
May cause certain msgs to timeout
LWIP stack recovers from errors
APS doesnt receive PARK msgs for more than 10 cycles
APS starts receiving msgs from PARK
APS computer executed a bad instruction
APS computer generates an exception when bad instruction is executed
Clears after reset / power cycle
AP features will be temporarily disabled
APS CAN driver has buffer full or other transmit errors
Clears when CAN msg can be transmitted successfully
Other ECUs may complain that AP msgs are not present
Warns if APS detects communication issues with the GPS receiver
APS detects a fault in GPS communication
GPS receiver communication is re-established
Navigation and Autosteer will be temporarily broken

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