A short circuit has been detected on the inlet heater hardware
The current going through the inlet heater was higher than 4.5A
Setting the UI defrost command to low
The inlet heater won't be enabled which might lead to the charge port staying frozen
Expected GTW CAN messages are missing
Inductive sensor and potentiometer readings of door presence do not match
IEC combo charge session shutdown occurred
Pilot sensor readings are unexpected. Indicates issue with vehicle if alert is set with no charge cable connected.
info from manualCP_A010
The sensed pilot voltage, period, or duty cycle are invalid and cannot be categorized into a valid pilot state
The sensed pilot voltage, period, and duty cycle are valid, OR the CP closes its SWCAN relay
The ivled is stuck in uncontrolled state
Charge port ivled is not responding ECU control
The ivled responds to control from ECU
Charge port ivled may illuminate when not intended or may not illuminate when intended
Charge port detected an error with PLC modem

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