The charge port is unexpectedly not allowed to use high power from LV bus
Charge port is not allowed to use high power from the LV bus
Charge port is granted permission to use high power from LV bus
Charge port latch, door, and inlet heater will not behave as expected
The charge port either timed out during a mode request or failed to enter the requested mode
Charge port detected a unexpected fast rise in temperature
Charge port thermal velocity (calculated each minute) exceeds the expected rise in temperature.
Once the charge cable is connected Thermistor is greater than the open circuit threshold and, if short circuit detection is supported, less than the short circuit threshold for at least one second
Continued charging may result in damage to the vehicle
The CP has detected a hardware condition that would prevent the microcontroller from going to sleep
The CP has detected that the Gen 2 Wall Connector has measured a temperature at which AC charging should begin to fold back
info from manualCP_A101
The Gen 2 Wall Connector reports a temperature greater than 80C
Charge Port door potentiometer damaged
info from manualCP_A043
The CP door potentiometer behaves erratically
The CP door behaves rationally through several door cycles
Charge port door may not open or close as designed
Cable proximity did not latch within the expected timeframe
Cable proximity remains unlatched for an unexpected long duration
Cleared when proximity changes from unlatched
The CP is unable to confirm the state of the charge cable

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