Traffic sign recognition is unavailable
Drive Inverter Warning: AEB faulted
Drive Inverter User Alert: This alert is set when pedal monitor requests drive inverter to shift into non-torque gear
DI receiving shift request by PM at speeds above 1 MPH
DI exits neutral gear or accel pedal press in NP alert occurs
Drive Inverter automatically shifts to neutral without user request
Drive Inverter User Alert: Drive rail not requested
Drive Inverter Warning: Park Brake detected EPB fault during Selfpark
Drive Inverter Warning: PM CAN node is MIA
Drive Inverter User Alert: Brake pedal overrides throttle pedal
Drive Inverter Warning: Immobilizer error
Drive Inverter Warning: Accel pedal track 1 bad
Drive Inverter User Alert: Odometer is not set
Drive Inverter User Alert: Cruise is not available
info from manualDI_A175
Drive Inverter Warning: Overtorque condition used
Drive Inverter User Alert: This alert is set when EBR is unavailable while HOLD feature is active
info from manualDI_A245
Vehicle hold becoming unavailable while HOLD feature is activated
Vehicle hold is not faulted or vehicle parked
Drive Inverter holds the vehicle using motor torque and may lead to reduced performance while near standstill
Drive Inverter User Alert: Shift attempt with accelerator pressed
Drive Inverter Warning: High-speed mechanical wear limit reached
Drive Inverter Warning: RCM (Restraints Control Module) node is MIA on CAN for one or multiple messages
This alert sets when stability control is close to activating or when it does activate. This alert is not a cause for concern unless it is occuring frequently during normal driving.
Drive Inverter Warning: Waste on nav active.
Drive Inverter Warning: Accel track synchronization error
Drive Inverter User Alert: Tire fitment change detected
Drive Inverter User Alert: Both accelerator and brake pedals pressed
Drive Inverter User Alert: Shift into gear to get torque
Drive Inverter User Alert: Obstacle detected, torque reduced
Drive Inverter Debug Alert: Cruise cancelled
Drive Inverter Warning: Proximity detected during enable
Temporary silent alert thrown when an overvoltage condition would remove regen.

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