Drive Inverter Warning: Inputs to stability control have degraded
The actuators required for stability control are in degraded states, so stability control is also degraded. Check tractionControlState and espActuatorState to find the specific controller that is degrading stability control. For tractionControlState, check previous DI alerts that point to specific cause of their degredation. For espActuatorState, check for ESP alerts that point to the specific cause of its degredation.
This alert will clear on the drive cycle after the root cause has been corrected.
Traction control and stability control may fault due to this error. The vehicle should be driven with extreme caution if these sytems are faulted.
Drive Inverter Warning: UI (User Interface) node is MIA on CAN for one or multiple messages
Drive Inverter Warning: Brake torque signal error
Drive Inverter User Alert: Front Motor Mode selected by user
Drive Inverter Warning: High stack usage detected
Drive Inverter Warning: Driver Assistance ECU is MIA
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Drive Inverter User Alert: Car is plugged in and cannot drive

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