Impact detected on a front wheel
Drive Inverter Warning: Proximity signal is irrational
Drive Inverter Warning: Cruise control CAN node is MIA
Drive Inverter Warning: Regen is Limited
info from manualDI_A201
The powertrain is limiting regen braking. This can be for multiple reasons: the battery pack is too hot or cold, the battery pack is fully charged, or the battery pack is limiting for another reason.
This alert will clear over time
The accelerator pedal might behave differently: it will provide less regen braking than normal when the accelerator pedal is fully depressed.
Drive Inverter User Alert: System Starting Up...
Drive Inverter Warning: Steering column control module is MIA
Drive Inverter User Alert: Autopark canceled
info from manualDI_A184
Drive Inverter Warning: DIR CAN node MIA
DI is not receiving required feedback CAN messages from DIR
DI receives required feedback CAN messages from DIR
Drive Inverter Warning: The park brake is MIA to the drive inverter and the park request could not be honoured.
Drive Inverter Warning: Front wheel speed signal error
Drive Inverter Warning: Vertical acceleration or yaw rate error
User has overridden frunk state
Double pull frunk and frunk open and system state enable
Frunk closure or system state not enable
Drive Inverter Warning: No battery power
Drive Inverter Warning: BMS (Battery Management System) node is MIA on CAN for one or multiple messages

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