The electric power assist steering (EPAS) internal private bus is receiving an unexpected status counter value, resulting in the chassis bus electric power assist steering (EPAS3S) Electronic Control Unit (ECU) to lose functionality.
The status counter does not increment as expected.
The status counter increments as expected.
The power steering function is operational, but steering assist will likely be reduced. A customer facing alert describing a reduced level of assist for power steering may be present. Autopilot may be disabled in some cases.
DAS_steeringControl message not received
DAS_steeringControl message not received by EPAS
EPAS receives DAS_steeringControl message again
Target torque correlation error
Invalid RCM_yawRateQF value received
Invalid DAS_steeringControlCounter value received
DAS_steeringControlCounter is not incrementing correctly
EPAS observes DAS_steeringControlCounter incrementing correctly
Torque sensor zero point not calibrated
Invalid motor cogging compensation values
Cogging torque service is not performed or incorrect value is stored
Invalid SCCM_steeringAngleSensorCrc value received
Unexpected SCCM_steeringAngleSensorCrc value received by EPAS
EPAS receives expected SCCM_steeringAngleSensorCrc value

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