The CAN Bus status is monitored cyclically, when ever there is a short circuit between CAN-H and CAN-L or a heavy bus disturbance which leads to BusOff, the fault is registerd
Reverse current at wheel speed sensor supply detected and the reverse protection switch is switched off.
Backward power supply of ECU via WSS supply line is detected. One of the WSS power supply lines is shorted to Ubat.
Check WSS connection line for short circuits.
Left Rear Wheel Speed Sensor against second signal failed due WSS signal interferences or disturbances.
Internal electronic fault detected on HSV valves.
The unit has detected an internal fault in the HSV valves or valve controls
Left Rear Wheel Speed Sensor Generic Fault.
WSS test failure of WSS_RL (Short circuit supply line to UBATT short circuits between sensors any line failure)

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