Charger failed to precharge the intermediate bus during SCR precharge
SCR precharge portion of charger phase startup sequence failed
AC voltage not present while being commanded to charge
Charger does not detect AC input voltage to phase while starting up
Inability to start AC charging
Charger detects phase termperature is too high to continue charging
Charger phase temperature exceeds overtemperature threshold for more than one second
Charger phase temperature is below overtemperature clear threshold for more than five seconds
PCS DCDC detects 12V bus voltage is lower than the safety threshold to continue its operation
DCDC converter detects that low voltage bus voltage is below undervoltage threshold
PCS detects the HV bus impedance is higher than the expected value
DCDC converter detects high impedance on HV bus when precharging (capacitance too low)
Charger failed to keep intermediate bus at required voltage
Charger intermediate bus voltage is below minimum voltage threshold

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