Charger is not able to regulate its input current
Charger PFC current regulator error exceeds threshold
Charger PFC current regulator error is below clear threshold
PCS DCDC has reached its max hardware power capability
Charging is inhibited due to low 12V
Charger detects 12V bus voltage is below 7V for more than 500ms
Charger detects 12V bus voltage is above 7V
PCS has detected at least one damaged AC charging phase, AC charging power will be limited
Power conversion system detected reset while enabling a phase, and did not attempt to re-enable phase
Power conversion system is reset or power cycled
Charger detects wall power is removed while charging
info from manualPCS_A017
Charger detects wall power was unexpectedly removed while charging
Charging faulted due to too large of a voltage drop between starting charge and during charge
info from manualPCS_A054
Charger detects greater than 14% input voltage drop after ramping power
Inability to AC charge, possibly due to bad wiring external to vehicle
PCS is not able to boot CPU2 and AC charging functionality is lost
Power conversion system was unable to boot CPU2
Power conversion system boots CPU2 successfully
DCDC PWM enable hardline de-asserted while DCDC was commanded to be active
DCDC converter detected that enable line was de-asserted unexpectedly

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