PCS detected that the LV bus voltage enetered the foldback region during the HV bus precharge
PCS has detected at least one reset during the boot up process. AC charging power might be limited if phase damaged is detected
Power conversion system detected reset while enabling a phase
Reduced AC charge rate or inability to AC charge if pahse damaged is detected
PCS intermediate bus voltage behavior is irrational, may indicate a hardware issue
Charger detects phase temperature is high
Charger phase temperature exceeds derating start threshold for more than five seconds
Charger phase temperature is below derating start threshold for more than five seconds
PCS DCDC detects 12V bus voltage is higher than the safety threshold to continue its operation
DCDC converter detects that low voltage bus voltage exceeds overvoltage threshold
PCS detects grid frequency droop below a certain level
AC charging will be blocked to reduce load for the grid
Charger phase temperature is irrational
Charger phase temperature is outside expected range for more than one second
Charger phase temperature is within expected range
PCS does not receive CAN messages from UI
High DC offset present on charger input current sensor when charge functionality is not enabled. Indicates issue with vehicle if seen multiple times over multiple days.
Charger line current sensor DC offset exceeds threshold for more than three seconds while charging is inactive
Charger line current sensor DC offset is below clear threshold for more than 500ms

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