The radar sensor is cleared of any blockage.
Radar internal object Tracking Self Test Not Done - This indicates that the radar has not seen any objects after being powered on. This alert is set on startup.
A condition prevents successful CANRX (CAN message received) for the vehicle state message, relating to a checksum, a counter, or an out-of-bounds signal value.
The vehicle state message sent from the driver assistance system (DAS) Electronic Control Unit (ECU) to the radar controller (RADC) ECU is not as expected / as required for the radar to be enabled.
ECU Internal Critical Temperature
Sensor Hardware Interference - The extrapolated sensor range is below the required range threshold. Most likely by increased noise from another HF (high frequency) source
When the sensor detects interference from a HF source
As soon as the noise from the HF source has subsided.
Radar object detection is affected, radar might provide incorrect information for objects which will impact autopilot functionality.
Redundant Temperature Sensor Implausible
DAS_carConfig message was not received

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