A condition prevents successful CANRX (CAN message received) for the steering wheel angle message, relating to a checksum, a counter, or an out-of-bounds signal value.
The steering wheel angle message sent from the driver assistance system (DAS) Electronic Control Unit (ECU) to the radar controller (RADC) ECU is not as expected / as required for the radar to be enabled.
ECU Internal fault - Hardware Watchdog
ECU Internal fault - ADC Conversion Timeout
ECU Internal fault - Mode Control Entry Error
Vehicle Dynamics Error - the vehicle dynamics signals are out of spec, MIA or SNA
ECU Internal ADC Overvoltage - Indicates an over voltage condition for the following voltage rails 1V25, 3V3, 4V5, 5V.
Set when the voltages for the respective rails are above threshold.
Cleared when over voltages return to nominal.
Sensor function will be impaired, radar functions will be unavailable
ECU Internal fault - ECU Module Configuration Error
Received Country Does Not Match Learned Parameter
When the learned parameters meet the ones being sent to the radar on CAN.

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