Received DAS_airSuspension Does Not Match Learned Parameter
Sensor is disabled due to not having proper vehicle configuration, radar functions will not be available
Set when transmit error count is above 255, Per ISO 11898-1.
A 12v reset will clear the transmit error
ECU internal fault - DSP Error, replace sensor
Radar functions will be disabled.
CANRX Error for DAS_VIN message
When an erroneous message is received from DAS, for invalid checksum, invalid counter or out of bounds signal value.
A condition prevents successful CANRX (CAN message received) for the car configuration message, relating to a checksum, a counter, or an out-of-bounds signal value.
The car configuration message sent from the driver assistance system (DAS) Electronic Control Unit (ECU) to the radar controller (RADC) ECU is not as expected / as required for the radar to be enabled.
Received EPAS Type Does Not Match Learned Parameter

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