Steering Angle Sensor Speed Threshold Exceeded
Supercharger timed-out during the voltage matching part of the sequence
Voltage matching took too long to occur and the Supercharger timed out
Voltage matching is successful and vehicle closes FC contactors
Vehicle will not close FC contactors and charging will not start up.
Supercharger measuered a low isolation measurement while connected to the vehicle.
Supercharger isolation measurement result was less than the fault threshold
Supercharger isolation measurement result is greater than the fault threshold
Breakdown of isolation on the Supercharger or Vehicle's HV link.
Supercharger did not receive all of the expected messages from the BMS.
All BMS messages where received by the Supercharger.
An emergency shutdown can occur while charging, or charging may never start up.
Could not determine the status of the Proximity connection between the vehicle and the Supercharger
Proximity Voltage is not within any valid range while connected to a Supercharger.
Proximity returns to a valid value.
Supercharger detected a voltage arc, either legitimately, or as a result of the HV circuit being opened under load.
Supercharger detects a rapid change in energy on the HV bus, matching the signiture for an arc
Supercharger has shutdown or been disconnected.
May result in thermal damage to components, or welding/fatigue on FC contactors.

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