Indicates a modem power cycle took place due to cell internet-check failures.
Modem runs internet check every 600sec and a modem reset is triggered if internet connectivity remains unavailable for 3600sec
Ecall alert. Modem cellular test was failed
A SquashFS (file system) error was detected.
A cron job checking the syslogs and running every hour detected the pattern ' kernel: .* SQUASHFS error: '.
No SquashFS error was found in syslogs by the cron job.
A SquashFS error may cause a reboot cycle leading to a blank and unresponsive display.
info from manualUI_A006
Unable to detect a functional dGPU
Missing dGPU, dGPU malfunction or communication link issues preventing dgpu detection
dGPU is detected without any issues
A2B tried to discover nodes, and failed
NVMe Driver detected NVMe controller Timeout
System hang, potential data loss, and UI freeze

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