High rate of XRUN messages detected in the kernel logs. Audio stack will reset if this occured within 1minute from waking (not booting) and if the vehicle is parked. XRUN events correspond overrun/underrun of the buffer and can happen when a device/stream is closed or interrupted (ie. hanging a phone call) or high system load. An occasional XRUN is not necessarly an issue, but a high rate (40+ in 1sec) will have customer-facing impact
Audio XRUN storm. The watchdog found at least 40 lines like `XRUN: pcmC0D**:0` between two `gpmrb_machine: XRUN marker` lines which are written every second
Audio stack will reboot. This alert may be a symptom of a frozen MCU and potential VOR
eMMC Status Register has error bits set
Periodic eMMC check or post-wake eMMC status has an error bit set

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