I2C arbitration loss causing all audio devices on the I2C bus to no longer be accessible. It prevents rediscovering the microphones and premium amp and reconfiguring the base audio amplifiers. Audio Weaver will be restarted by the watchdog to recover devices and unlock I2C bus
Audio A2B I2C lockup, may be caused by A2B SYNC clock stopped at a specific moment and caused I2C arbitration loss which is not correctly recovered from
Audio devices on the I2C bus are no longer accessible. Phone calls may be impacted with the far end no longer hearing the person in the car. In premium cars the bass sound may disappear and the audio may sound tinny and strange. If the base audio needs to be reset for any reason then it will also fail and then we'll have complete loss of audio
Driver door open when gear is D/R/N. Triggers a continuous chime
Driver door open when gear is D/R/N
Shift into Park or close the driver door
Potential danger of open door whilst driving

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