Ecall alert. Based on driver assistance selftest result, modem signals that GPS antena is disconnected. Check coax cable and connectors between the GPS antenna and driver assistance ecu and also the ethernet connection between the driver assistance ecu (DAS) and the user interface (UI)
Modem reads the GPS antenna status sent by driver assistance, triggers the alert if status is not 'Normal' which could be open/shorted/unknown
Ecall doesn't know current location, other services using GPS may be affected
Video process was not receiving UDP packets.
Timeout count above threshold for receiving UDP packets in the video process.
Video process starts receiving UDP packets.
Camera video stream unavailable or malfunctioning.
eMMC hanged and was not able to be read or written to.
eMMC hangs and 'Internal clock never stabilised' is present in kernel logs.
UI may behave not as designed or screen may be blank.

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