The battery's coolant temperature sensor is reporting an incorrect value. Possible VCFRONT internal electrical issue. Powertrain performance may be limited.
An irrational difference in the battery coolant temperature sensor values and the battery's own temperature sensor values.
Difference between the battery coolant temperature sensor value and the battery's temperature sensor values is nominal.
The stability controller eFuse temperature value reported > 10degC/S increase.
The low voltage (LV) battery is no longer supported by the power conversion system (PCS). The vehicle low voltage electrical system needs to shed electrical loads by cutting power to some systems / electronic control units (ECUs).
Low voltage (LV) battery voltage below 12.2V while high voltage (HV) support from the power conversion system (PCS) is requested.
Low voltage (LV) battery voltage above 12.9V and high voltage (HV) state is up.
Convenience features such as seat heaters, auxiliary ports, and HVAC will no longer be available.

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