A fault has been detected with the left body-side tail light.
The light is plugged in, draws current when on, and its efuse is not tripped.
The left body-side tail light may not be working.
Electronic Parking Brake Monitor measured more current than is required for Electronic Parking Brake to remain in DYNAMIC_APPLYING.
FL ride height sensor detected shorted or otherwise faulty. n/a to North American or Air Suspension eqiupped vehicles.
FL ride height sensor input pin shorted; input signal frequency above 840 Hz or below 760 Hz; input duty cycle above 87.5% or below 12.5%; input duty cycle changing too quickly (3300% / sec)
Proper connection of a working FL ride height sensor.
Electronic Parking Brake Monitor's and Electronic Parking Brake's state have been mismatched for too long a time.

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